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US Soccer Birth Year Mandate
by posted 12/07/2015

To all participants in Montville Soccer Recreation & Travel Programs -


As you may be aware, U.S. Soccer, in working towards its commitment to long-term player development, is phasing in important new standards related to small-sided games and birth-year registration.  U.S. Soccer will mandate standardized small-sided game participation and field size based on player age groups, while also aligning birth-year registration calendars with the start of the calendar year and run from January to December.  This is U.S. Soccer mandated; not a league, club or state requirement.

While the Montville Soccer Association (“MSA”) is supportive of the small-sided soccer initiative (i.e. more touches on the ball, etc.) there is likely to be certain club logistical items that we will need to address (roster size, field size, goal sizes, etc.), and we will do so.  However, that said, the birth-year registration is brand new territory for MSA, and all other clubs, and will require adjustment on part of the club, our coaches and our players.

Over the next few months we will be meeting with the Morris County Youth Soccer Association (the league in which most our teams play) to determine optimal timing for adoption. At this stage, these important changes could be in effect as early as the 2016 (Fall) – 2017 (Spring) Seasons, and if so will impact our try-out process scheduled for early May 2016.


We will continue to communicate how this transition will take place to our membership as new information unfolds.  We ask for your trust and patience during the process.


As importation continues to become available, we will post updates to our website.  Once a final timeline is established, the club will be provide information to assist in explaining the mandate and to help make the transition as smooth and seamless as possible.

To read more on this topic, which includes an overview by Tab Ramos,  the full PDF presentation, FAQs and a Birth Year registration chart, just click on this link:  New US Soccer Coaching Initiatives Target Improvement in Youth Development Standards.

Thank you for supporting your child's soccer development and the MSA, and thank you for participation in the “beautiful game”.   

Yours in soccer, 

Charlie Soranno
VP President, Montville Soccer Association

Technical / Coaching Director

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