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Montville, NJ
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Montville Soccer Association's Grassroots Youth  Program K-8.
(Formally In-town Soccer)

The primary goal for the Grassroots Youth Program is to make sure that our kids have fun and learn the skills of soccer.

The Fall and Spring programs include one weekday practice and one game each Saturday. Tuesday will be designated for the Girls and Thursday will be designated For the Boys.  The program runs between 8-10 weeks depending on field availabilty. Once the regiatration deadline passes WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY LATE REGISTRATION, PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR SEND EMAILS AFTER THE DUE DATE..There are no refunds for cancelations due to weather and field conditions. In order to build team cohesion and provide for balanced numbers at practices, players are asked to practice with their teams and each team will be assigned a specific day and time to practice.  This practice approach will insure a low child\trainer ratio and will allow children to build teamwork skills and friendships.

The Grassroots Youth Program does not entail the same level of commitment as our travel program, however, players that sign-up are expected to participate in the majority of games and practices. Teams are right-sized to maximize playing time; as a result, non-attendance does have an impact.

In addition, this is YOUR league.  Participation by parents is needed for this league to continue to thrive.  Currently we are in need of a registrar and an equipment coordinator.  Please reach out to Frank Maggiore Program Director.

email address maggiore923@gmail.com

With approximately 400 children in the Grassroots Youth Program, the program's success is made possible with you, our volunteer parent/coaches. We continue to need your help and support. We will also continue to seek your feedback to ensure that we remain on the right course and improve whenever possible.

If you have questions or comments about the Grassroots Youth Program or interested in COACHING and/or TEAM SPONSORSHIP feel free to send an e-mail to See you on the field!

No request Policy

MSA strives to form balanced teams within each grade/grade group level. The criteria used to form teams includes coaches rating of the player from the previous year, grade, and in the lower age groups, residency. In an effort to be fair to all players and families, the club has instituted a no requests policy with regard to placing players together or placing players with certain coaches. Exceptions to this policy would include siblings in the same age group, coaches are placed with their children, and hardship cases approved by the Board.


Fall registration will be open from May 18th to Aug 1st no late registration accepted.

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